Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the process of hiring a dedicated team of additional staff to bring better efficiency and effectiveness in the work process. It is a strategic advantage and a long-term service relationship with an outside expert in place of the function being performed within the organization. Escalating costs, insufficient IT resources, high attrition rates, dependency on critical individuals and increasing user dissatisfaction have driven many organizations to find this one-stop strategic solution to managerial issues that have been affecting the efficiencies involved with the maintenance and support of complex information systems. Staff augmentation, while offering value in the form of improved corporate performance and sustained growth for companies, also tackles the main motive of cost reduction.

We offer total contract staffing solutions for organizations that realize the benefits of outsourcing

  • Short Term Deputation
  • Long Term Deputation
  • Deputation to Hire
  • Payroll

Profuse Infotech’s Staff augmentation benefits:

  • We Aim at Client Delight not just Client Satisfaction.
  • Having access to a database and referrals would give advantage to our clients to recruit the appropriate staff for their requirements.
  • Saving your valuable resources and time for your core competencies, we assist you in building the required resources with the desired expertise in them.
  • Quality-focused recruiting and hiring methods.